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Cons and Improvements for the visualization

Some of the things that can be added or improved in the visualization to make it more comprehensive and user friendly.

  • The Colors could be in a gradient in the breakup of the founder's or investor's history so that it would be easier to relate to the various elements shown. It would also be helpful to have a legend of sorts alongside the visualization for quick access as an user cannot take in all details easily.

  • Raw data is not pervasive. The Raw data could be presented in a tabular form and be viewable by the user. This would help users who are doing actual research and have a way to know about the numbers instantly. Also, the numbers are not huge and could have been used as an effective way of comparison on their own.

  • Hover feature of getting visual cues is not very intuitive. When an entity is big, for example , Microsoft, which has a lot of history of funding various start-ups, it gets very tiring to check each bubble for information. Some Tabular information or a legend would have helped understand the information being provided.

  • I feel that there could have been various gradients similar to the timeline feature. This would have allowed the user to scroll a lot of data quickly and maybe even take out trends in a particular sector, or maybe compare the startups according to the rounds of fundings or amount of funding.

  • Even with all the data being available and so much what an user can do, it is still hard to get pertinent information in some ways. There is no way to know which have been the most funded start-ups or which startups where funded the most in 2000s or which startups have the most presence in a sector or just grouping top 10 startups based on sector, amount, rounds, etc. Users are usually very interested in the top 10 or worst 10 and it would have helped to have these even further filtered down for founders or companies.

  • There is no way of comparing various founders or various companies or various investors against each other. The search module allows as quick access but no way of comparing it side by side. I feel that visualization could become highly useful if an user can pit companies against each other on a timeline and see how they have grown or deteriorated.