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About the Visualization.

StartUp Universe visualization displays and explores the relationships between startup companies and their founders and fundings by investors or venture capitalists circa 1990. The visualization breaks the data into 19 broad categories based on the type of products and services the companies deliver. The main interface can be broken down into the following visual cues and features:

  1. How-To Simulation
  2. This interactive simulation informs the user of the various features and controls of the visualization.
  3. Color and Labels
  4. Each search category has been given a unique color for differentiation and benefit of the user. Default labeling is done and is a permanent feature of the visualization which tells you how the data is represented in circular graphs.

  5. Year Timeline
  6. The visualization has a timeline feature which allows the user to get every information on a timeline for the founder or venture capitalist. The timeline is scrollable/draggable as needed and allows the user to know the history of the company, founder or the venture capitalist.

  7. Graphs
  8. Each round of funding has been represented in various concentratic contexual circles which depends on the amount of funding received.

  9. Search Modules
  10. The user can use the search module to quick search the database in three ways :
    • Investors
    • Start Ups and Companies
    • Founders

  11. Textual Snippets
  12. Along with the visual cues, each visualization carries texual information about an investor or venture capitalist or may carry information about the founder of the start-up. This information can be accessed by clicking on either the founder or the venture capitalist.

Questions asked and Questions Answered

We are thankful to the big corporations which keep churning out products regularly in various sectors but these companies where not always this big. Many started up as small start-ups funded by VCs or incubation labs. It is very interesting to see how the companies evolved and which specific venture capitalists where behind it. People want to know about the old and new startups as these companies are the ones revolutionizing and innovating. Start-up culture is also considered very modern and is usually associated with technology. But we see through the visualization that start-ups have been present from atleast circa 1990 and some have been thriving since then. Some of the pertinent questions raised and answered to an extent are given below.

Tools and Data

The Visualization was created using the following tools and data.
  1. Concept and Design
  2. The concept and design has been realized by using which is a content creation system using which you can create various objects like Infographics, Videos, Web Experiences, Presentations, and Micro Content. Their system is very easy to use and create and has various hooks to different social media for easy sharing mechanism.

  3. Data
  4. The data for the visualization has come from CrunchBase API which is public API using which new companies or investors can add their details to the database which allows CrunchBase to crunch more data. This data is verified and cleaned and used to create visualizations or any other projects.