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Project 2 : Bicycle Race

CS 424 Project

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About the Project

Bicycle Race is the second project in the course CS 424: Visualization and Visual Analytics under Prof. Andrew Johnson at University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC). The project is continuation of the ongoing focus of the class on demographics and communities in Chicago, Illinois. Project 2 is called Bicycle Race as our primary focus this time is on the Divvy Bike Transit System which is one of the public transit services offered by the City of Chicago.

Using visualization techniques, we are trying to visualize the Divvy Bike Sites on a zoomable and pannable map of Chicago which allows the user to interact with the application and go to the level of depth he/she desires. Alongside displaying the divvy sites, we are exploring the demographics, flow and patterns of usage of the Divvy Bike Sharing Service.

The Techniques used majorly are two Javascript libraries listed below:

1. D3

This javascript library has been used to visualize Divvy Bike Site and Usage Data as Bar Charts, Line Charts and Pie Charts which was one of the main requirements of the project. This has been extensively used to show various visualizations showing overall city data and filter it down to various characteristics like demographics, subscriber vs customer, age groups.

2. Leaflet

This javascript library has been used to display the zoomable and pannable map of Chicago along with multiple views and multiple layers based on various parameters. Using leaflet, we created different layers such as popularity layer, stations layer and community layer which allows the user to filter or add unique characteristics. These layers also have popups which help one identify and add characteristics to the visualization.
To find more about Divvy Bike Service: Please click : Divvy Bike Service.
Please find below the project link with the details and requirements about the project listed.