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Project 2 : Bicycle Race

CS 424 Project

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Patterns Uncovered

The main aim of Visualization course is to observe the pattern and understand the behaviour of the people using that product. In our case Divvy Bikes, the most obvious patterns we noticed are documented below.

General Patterns:

  1. Weekends are the most busiest days in the week
  2. Most Busiest hours in the day are 5PM, 4PM and 6PM respectively
  3. Divvy Bikes traffic is constant from 12:00PM to 2:00 PM
  4. There are more subscribers than customers.
  5. Male customers are predominant. Their count is almost thrice that of female count.
  6. Most of the trips are taken from August to October and they decrease gradually as the winter approaches. (Winter is coming!! :-) )
  7. Compare Stations

Observation around UIC:

    The stations around UIC we concentrated are:
  1. Racine & Congress
  2. Loomis & Lexington
  3. Morgan & Polk
  4. Loomis & Taylor
  5. 900 Harrison
  6. Hermitage Ave & Polk

For these selected substations the below are the observations noted:

  1. Most of the riders who accessed these stations are students as their age range is between 20 - 39 (we can still narrow the age group, but for this we considered 20-39 as one of the time intervals)
  2. Majority of the riders are Male
  3. Majority of the riders are subscribers. There may be some discount available if we subscribe the service for a whole year/semester or there might be some special student annual/semester plans.
  4. Starting from Dec 16th to 30th the number of active bikes is almost 3 times less than regular traffic. These weeks are vacation weeks and this strengthns the point that these stations are predominantly used by students.
  5. The busiest hour of the day around these stations in general is 3-5PM and the number of active bikes are almost double in the evening hour compared to morning hour.

Observation with weather: The pattern with weather is same as we expected. The number of active bikes is more during the months of August - mid October because the weather is not so harsh. As winter approaches the number of active bikes decreases. Even in summer during the cold weather conditions the bikes usage is very low.

    Major Events
  1. Christmas
  2. During Christmas day the high temperature was 27 degrees with snow tapering off around 2 pm. This coincides with the peak number of bikes (18), which occurs closer 3 pm, after the snow ended. Compared to middle of summer, which saw active bikes peaking around 200 during early evening (around 6 pm), this is relatively low amount of snow. Of course, this relatively low amount of activity can be attributed to the cold weather and most people wanting to stay indoors for Christmas. We did not find any significant demographics distributions that are noteworthy for December 25.
  3. Labour Day

  4. On Labour Day, September 2nd (Monday) an unusual number of bikes are active in the evening. The busiest hour is 3PM with around 1000 active bikes. After 3 PM there has been a rapid decrease in the number of active bikes. An interesting observation here is on Labour day the maximum number of bikes active at the busiest hour is 3 times more than the number of Bikes active on Busiest hour of 4th of July(fire works hour).
  5. Chicago Jazz
  6. -Chicago Jazz Festival The Chicago Jazz Festival, which was from August 29 through September 1, 2013 is another major event in Chicago that we analyzed. As with most events, the It was held in Millenium Park.
      The primary divvy stations near this event include:
    • Millenium Park
    • Lake Shore & Monroe St
    • Columbus Dr & Randolph St
    • Michigan Ave & Jackson Blvd
    • Michigan Ave & Congress Pkwy

    We observe the following patterns for August 29:
    Overall Number of Active Bikes Peak Time: 5 PM # Active Bikes : 359
    Subset Station of Active Bikes
    Peak Time: 2 PM
    # Active Bikes: 37
    Subset Stations - Demographics
    Peak Time: 2 PM
    Subscribers: 7
    Customers: 30
    20 – 29 Year Olds: 13 active bikes at 6 PM peak time (Of which 10 are Male).
    We observe the following patterns for August 30:

    Overall Number of Active Bikes
    Peak Time: 5 PM
    # Active Bikes : 494

    Subset Station of Active Bikes Peak Time: 5 PM # Active Bikes: 46

    Subset Stations - Demographics Peak Time: 5 PM Subscribers: 10 Customers: 36 20 – 29 Year Olds: 9 active bikes at 5 PM peak time.

    Conclusion From this we can say that roughly 10% of all divvy users were likely attending the Jazz Festival. It is also interesting to note that virtually all users near the Jazz Festival are in the 20 to 39 year old age group.